Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

App Scavenger Hunt

Technology is very amusing to children in today`s society. Children find electronics such as cell phones and laptops very entertaining. As a future educator I would love to incorporate technology into my lessons, and also let my students have an input. This is why I have decided to let my students do an app scavenger hunt.

In this assignment students will use an iPod or iPad to look up educational apps. The app can pertain to Math, Science, Social Studies, English or Reading. After finding 3 useful apps the students will share what they find with the class and give a brief description about the app and what subject it can be used for. For a bonus the students can find an app that could be used in their PE class. After every student completes the assignment and shares their educational apps with the class we will vote on an app for each subject to incorporate into our lesson.

If I were to do this assignment these are the apps I would choose:

My Math AppMy Math Flash Card App is for mastering basic elementary math facts. Its an easy to use and you can customize the application to enable focused learning.- this would be beneficial in Math.

My Math App logo
Sight Words- This app allows you to make flash cards and helps children learn how to read. - this would be beneficial in Reading.
Sight Words Logo

BrainPOP- this app allows you to watch a short clip and after you take a quiz.- The subjects covered in this app are Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Engineering & Tech, Art & Music, and Health.

BrainPOP app logo
Slam Dunk Basketball Logo
Bonus- PE activity- Slam dunk Basketball- this app allows you to learn some basic rules about basketball.


  1. Hi Ashley!
    Great job on blog post # 12. I thought you did a great job of coming up with a unique, fun and interesting assignment. The assignment was very straight forward and well written. I believe if we had been assigned this for a blog post this semester it would have been one of my favorite to complete!

  2. Interesting assignment. We need more iPads in EDM310!