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Project #15

Blog Post #13

Back To the Future 

In the video, Back to the Future by Brian Crosby, he shows how his classroom is set up. He talks about how his students roll over with him, so he is there teacher while they are in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. He talks about what kind of students he teaches and they are of poverty and 2nd language learners. He then talks about his method of teaching.

His students use technology while learning. Mr. Crosby provides every student with a laptop. They also have their own blogs. He has a fascinating way of teaching. He has his students do very hand on lessons. For example, he has his students demonstrate how a hot air balloon goes through different layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. The project is titled “High Hope.”

Photo of students demonstrating the High Hope Project
 Mr. Crosby had his students write a high hope about their school, community, and the world. They posted them online to their blogs. They started getting a lot of feedback to their blog posts. Then all of the students started commenting on other student’s blog posts. It was great to see how he got his students connected with students from all over the world.

 Mr. Crosby`s way of teaching is amazing. It is great to see how he gets his students involved. One part of the video that is fascinating is how Mr. Crosby incorporates a new student with leukemia who cannot come to class. He Skype’s with her like she is really in class. I know I learn more by being hands on. I think Mr. Crosby is a really good teacher. I also like how he moved on with his students from 4th through 6th grade. It is great to see more teachers using technology to get more students involved.

A Vision of Students Today

photo of the students holding up their signs
The video A Vision of Students Today is by Michael Wesch and a college class from Kansas State University in the spring of 2007. The video is from a college students perspective. The students talk about how they are on Facebook more than they are educational sites. They also talked about how only 18% of a student’s professors know his/her name.

As a student I understand how students can veer off during lesson and go on Facebook or Twitter. For this reason I do not take my laptop with me to class unless I absolutely need it. Educators need to incorporate more technology into the classroom so students do not have the chance to veer off. At the end of the video it show how boring a chalk board can be because you cannot show interesting=g videos relating to the lesson being taught, pictures, animations, or networks. The video is very fascinating, because all throughout the video you are reading the students thoughts on a sheet of paper on their laptop screen.

C4K`s For November

They Cage the Animals at Night

book cover of For C4K #8 I was assigned to John Paul who is in the 8th grade in Iowa. His blog post is titled " They cage the animals at night." In the post John Paul is summarizing the story. He says "This book is about an eight year old child. He has four brothers. Two of them are older one is young and the last on is about 11 years old. Their mother is sick so “Jennings” learns how to survive in foster homes and orphaniges. He gets beat, loses friends, and loses family."

My comment to John Paul`s post was " You did a great job describing the story you read. I want to read this book now. Good Job and keep up the good work!!"

Cyber Safety

For C4K #9 I was assigned to to Rachel who is making a blog for her history class. Her post was titled " Cyber Safety." In her post she talks about plagiarism, copyright, and the importance of not giving out all of your personal information online.  

Cyber Safety Sign
My comment to Rachel`s post was "I really enjoyed reading your post about Cyber Safety. I believe every student should know the definition of plagiarism. This is a very informative post.  I agree the Internet provides a lot of information for people worldwide. I know my teachers always told their students do not upload or post anything to the web if you do not want people to see it, because whatever you post will always be there for people to see. Great job and keep up the good work!"

Rosa Parks
Photo of Rosa Parks
For C4K #10 I was assigned to Daphne Elementary students who made a video about Rosa Parks. The video was about the students taking a field trip to Montgomery and visiting the capital building and seeing the history of Rosa Parks.

My comment to the students was "The video about Rosa Parks is amazing. I felt like I was on the tour with you guys. After watching the video it reminded me of when I was in the 4th grade and I went on a field trip to Montgomery and visited some of the same places. Great job!!"

Final Report on PLN

my personal symbaloo profile
I am so glad that EDM 310 introduced me to such a great program. Symbaloo is my home page. Every time I go online all I have to do is click on one of the icons I created. I love how you can personalize it to your settings and your most viewed sites. After this semester I will continue to use this helpful program. It makes things do much easier, because they are just a click away.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progress Report

My group, team B.A.J.A., have met a few times since our last class meeting. We interact a lot with Google document where we can all leave feedback and give different ideas that we have.  Our idea for the project is to go through time and see the different eras of technology.  The video will start off with cave people who have no idea what the future will hold and time will progress and so will technology. This is going to be an exciting project to film. I can not wait to see the finished product.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

C4T #4

Student riding dump truck down slope
For this C4T I was assigned to Teacher Tom. His blog posts are very interesting and you can relate to the things he talks about. The post I read is titled Trusting Their Judgement. In this post he talks about how he had this one student who was eager to sit on his toy dump truck and ride down a small hill. All Tom could think about was the harm that could be done to the student, but the student reassured him nothing bad would happen. So he let the student ride down the slope and told him to go ahead and if he gets hurt he will be there to pick him up. So the student rides down the hill and receives no injuries.

My comment to his post was "Your post was great and was very informative for future educators. As a future educator I believe I would have reacted the same way thinking of all the bad things that could possibly happen. Children are always eager to do the opposite of what you tell them, because they have their own judgement of the task at hand. I agree with your title we need to trust our students judgement. I really enjoyed reading this post!!"

C4T #3

Pact With the Devil

The teacher I was assigned to was teachernz. The post "Pact with the Devil" talks about how the school system is not set up for every student’s needs. The post says "They have no place in a modern education system or rich curriculum designed to work with diverse and disparate learner needs." The post talks about if we as educators do not fix this problem we are going to be the ones to blame for students not learning everything they need to know.

My comment to this post was "I agree with your post. Every student is different and some students do not think the same way as their peers. I agree if educators do not take a stand it will affect the generation being taught. Educators are the solution to this problem."

Blog Post #12

App Scavenger Hunt

Technology is very amusing to children in today`s society. Children find electronics such as cell phones and laptops very entertaining. As a future educator I would love to incorporate technology into my lessons, and also let my students have an input. This is why I have decided to let my students do an app scavenger hunt.

In this assignment students will use an iPod or iPad to look up educational apps. The app can pertain to Math, Science, Social Studies, English or Reading. After finding 3 useful apps the students will share what they find with the class and give a brief description about the app and what subject it can be used for. For a bonus the students can find an app that could be used in their PE class. After every student completes the assignment and shares their educational apps with the class we will vote on an app for each subject to incorporate into our lesson.

If I were to do this assignment these are the apps I would choose:

My Math AppMy Math Flash Card App is for mastering basic elementary math facts. Its an easy to use and you can customize the application to enable focused learning.- this would be beneficial in Math.

My Math App logo
Sight Words- This app allows you to make flash cards and helps children learn how to read. - this would be beneficial in Reading.
Sight Words Logo

BrainPOP- this app allows you to watch a short clip and after you take a quiz.- The subjects covered in this app are Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Engineering & Tech, Art & Music, and Health.

BrainPOP app logo
Slam Dunk Basketball Logo
Bonus- PE activity- Slam dunk Basketball- this app allows you to learn some basic rules about basketball.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Post #11

Little Kids...Big Potential 

In this video Ms. Cassidy’s students show viewers how they can work with wikis, blogs, Skype, and also incorporate their Nintendo DS. Her first graders know so much about technology. It is cool to see that she is teaching her students how to write and publish blogs at such a young age. The title truly fits the video. If I would have learned how to blog at an early age, I would have probably been a blogger. I did not know how to blog until college. Ms. Cassidy is doing so much with her students.

Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy

Dr. Strange skyping Ms. Cassidy
The Skype interview with Ms. Cassidy answered so many questions for me and also gave some great tips for educators. One great tip she gave is to start developing an online system. I already use websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Symbaloo, and many more. Ms. Cassidy also states how she keeps her students private. She talks about how she does not post their last name or does not post pictures of her students. Blogging is a great way for students to interact with each other. I never knew that kids at this young of an age were blogging. It is so cool to see how much they know about technology. Ms. Cassidy is doing a great job with incorporating technology into her lessons.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

C4K for October

C4K #3

The student that I was assigned for this assignment was Karleigh,. In her blog post she talk about how she admired her friend Keela. She described how good of a friend Keela is to her. I replied to her post and said " I think your blog post is great. It is so cool how much you admire your friend Keela. It seems like she is a really good friend. Keep up the good work!!"

C4K #4

The blog post I read for this assignment was by Clara Beau about procrastination. In the post she talks about how she procrastinates a lot. She says that at the begging of the school year she makes an agreement with herself that she is going to be a better student, but it always fails. She ends her post with saying that this year she is not even going to let the procrastination cycle have time to set in.

procrastination awardThe comment I left was "I thought this was a great post. I can relate to when you talked about getting assignments done early at the beginning of school, but as time goes on everything piles up and you wait until he last minute. I am a junior in college and procrastination is a huge weakness of mine. I absolutely loved your blog post!!

C4K #5

X Flight roller coasterThe student that I was assigned for this assignment was Vincent. In his blog post he talks about a roller coaster called X Flight. He talks about how him and his friend where at Six Flags in Chicago, Illinois. He starts out by saying it was a sunny day and they were waiting in line for the roller coaster. He talks about how he didn`t want to ride it at first, because of the long line, but he remained in line anxious the whole time. When he finally made it to the front of the line his heart is beating really fast. He says the ride was amazing, but he had a headache after the ride. He says the ride was worth the wait and headache.

My comment was " Your blog post was so descriptive. I felt like I was at Six Flags with you waiting in line. I`m glad you enjoyed the ride after such a long wait. I really enjoyed reading your post about “X-Flight.” Keep up the good work!!"

C4K #6

The student that I was assigned for this assignment was Mackenzie from Canada. In the blog post I viewed was a slideshow about Alberta. It was a slideshow of the things you think of when you hear Canada.

Canada flag and Moose
My comment was " Your slideshow is very good!! All the pictures describe Canada in a great way. I enjoyed watching your slideshow. Keep up the good work!!"

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

A world where grades will be left behind
Sebastian Thrun

In this article USA TODAY celebrates its 30th anniversary. They interviewed some of the USA's greatest visionaries to talk about the world of tomorrow. This article talks about how education will be free and available to everyone. The article states that these online classes would be taught by star professors from around the world. The article states that schools such as New Charter University and UniversityNow aim to make an online college education as affordable as a cellphone bill. It also talks about how a lesson could look something like angry birds. "You want learning to be as much fun as it is to play a video game," says Sebastian Thrun.

I think this is an article that makes you think. I know I rather take online classes, because you get to work at your own pace as long as you meet the deadline. I think this web based school would be better for only college students. I think younger students should be able to go to school and interact face to face with others. Being from the south we are trying to battle with obesity and this would not benefit our younger students.This would be hard for every school in the United States to do, because technology is expensive. Some school systems are also old fashioned and would not agree to a technology based system.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog Post #10

Adventures in Pencil Integration
I'm a Papermate. I'm a Ticonderoga.
The cartoon by John T. Spencer is so true. What I concluded after viewing the cartoon is that you get what you pay for. This does not only go for pens, but for things such as laptops, TV’s, or anything for that matter. Like the cartoon says, if you buy the cheap version of a product it will break faster, because it is made of a cheaper material and you will spend more money if you keep replacing the item.

Why Were Your Kids Playing?

No Games SignThe blog post I read by Mr. Spencer was titled “Why were your kids playing games?” This was a good post to read, because Mr. Spencer is letting his students play games in the classroom. The games he chooses go along with the lessons he is teaching. The principle got on to Mr. Spencer once before for playing hangman in the classroom. The principle calls Mr. Spencer into his office and tells him he said “No Games.” The principle goes on and says that even surgeons and soldiers play games to help them remember things. Mr. Spencer says games are great ways to get students to remember content that is being taught. I could not agree more that games get students involved and more important, they are learning while doing something other than sitting through a boring lecture.

Don`t Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

cimic strip
Don`t teach your kids this stuff. Please? By Scott McLeod had me going until I got to the end. It was a humorous post, because he says he doesn`t want other people to teach young people about technology, because he is teaching his students all these things. With society being centered on technology, it is important to know some things about it. His students are a step ahead of others because teachers are scared to teach students about technology. In my opinion technology makes learning fun.

Project #14

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project #12

Project #10 PLN


Ashley Snow`s Symbaloo
I decided to use Symbaloo for my PLN project. This tool is so helpful, because you don`t have to type in different sites all the time, and it is just a click away. This tool is so convenient and accessible. I am so glad I was introduced to Symbaloo. It is now my homepage, and with it being my homepage, I can access all of my favorite websites, because it is personalized to my interests.

Blog Post #9

Mr. McClung`s World
What I Learned this Year Volume 4 

The first post I read was What I learned This Year 2012-2011. Mr. McClung is in his fourth year teaching social studies and Arkansas history in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In this post, Mr. McClung talks about two things he would change the next school year.

Mr.McClung starts worrying about what his peers think of him and says he is committing the junior high sin. He got caught up worrying about what his coworkers thought of him, but came back to reality and remembered he is not there for them but for his students. He concludes this topic by saying as long as his students enjoy and are learning what he is teaching, he is doing his job.

The second thing Mr. McClung wants to change in the upcoming years is to challenge himself more. At this time he has been at the same school teaching the same subjects for three years. He talks about how he gets lazy and gets in the same routine with his lessons. This method probably bored his students. Luckily, at the end of the year he gets offered to teach a new subject for the next school year. He says this opportunity could not have come at a better time, because this will be a good challenge for him.

I think it is easy for a teacher to become lazy, but like Mr. McClung says, you have to challenge yourself as an educator. I liked how he talks about worrying about what his coworkers think, because a lot of teachers fall under the junior high sin. I really enjoyed reading this post.

What I`ve Learned This Year 2008-2009

An important decision Mr. McClung made for the school year. The second post I read was What I've Learned This Year 2008-2009. This was Mr. McClung`s first year teaching. This blog post has a lot of different things Mr. McClung has learned in this year of teaching. Some of the topics were how to react in a crowd, be flexible, communicate, be reasonable, not to be afraid of technology, listen to your students, and never stop learning.

I really enjoyed reading this post, because all these topics will be helpful when I begin to teach. A topic that I found really important is for educators to never stop learning. He talks about how teachers do everything to get their students to learn, but the educator refuses to do so as well. Another topic I really liked was that educators need to be reasonable and not to set the bar too high for students.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

C4T #2

How we plan a project: the road map

I was assigned to Russ Goerend`s blog, The blog post I commented on was titled "How we plan a project:the road map." In this post Russ talks about the road map to writing a short story, and all the steps you should take when using this method. I commented "I agree with the statement you made “Building in the tasks beforehand gives us a chance to make sure they’re worthwhile and deciding when to stop and assess our progress makes it easier for students to see their own progress and become a part of the assessment cycle.” This is a great method to use while teaching students how to write a short story. Your road map to writing is extraordinary."
student`s artwork of what appears to be Justin Beiber
Art Viewer

The second blog I was assigned to was Shawn Cornally`s blog,, art viewer. This post showed art work sketched by Mr. Burrow`s students. The art work is phenomenal. My comment to this post said " Your blog is truly amazing. I cannot stop scrolling back up to view all the portraits over again. Your students have an amazing talent. I agree with Cassie this is like an art museum on line. Thanks for posting for everyone to see your students extraordinary talent."

Blog Post #8

This is How We Dream

the two videos created by Dr. Richard Miller
In part one of the This is How We Dream, Dr. Richard E. Miller talks about how the society is changing and that we are a more technology based. He says that more people carry around laptops than they do pencils and paper. He makes a great point when he says that you search the web for a research paper and you are able to access so much more information than you would at a single library. Dr. Miller talks about how you can use to the web to interact with multiple people, which made me think of Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir.

In the second part of the video, Dr. Miller starts off by saying that we live in a digital environment and how everything is always being updated. He talks about how lectures from college professors are now available on iTunes U. A great point Dr. Miller made was that people need to share their ideas with the world.

After viewing this video I began to think and I have not been in a library in a while, because now I can purchase an eBook which is more convenient for me. I even purchase my school textbooks online, which is easier because it is less I have to carry around. When he mentioned that you can post something to the web faster than you can write and publish something, YouTube popped to my head. When using YouTube, you can have a video posted within seconds or minutes. This blog post was great!

Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12 

Carly did a great job with this assignment. This is definitely a great and creative idea. Her assignment is for each student to make their own playlist based on 5 of the 10 topics that are given. This assignment is great way for your students to get more familiarized with the internet. This is a really good assignment and this would allow educators to be reminded of why they have chosen this profession and ways of how to be a good teacher.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies 

The Chipper Series is about a student named Chipper who has her own views on education. Chipper is a procrastinator who blames the teacher for her late assignments. She decides to drop out of school and start her own. When that option does not work out, she becomes a teacher for a few days and gets fired. At the end, Chipper gets her priorities straight and figures out the best way to succeed in life is with a degree and the proper education.

EDM310 for dummies book
In the EDM 310 for Dummies, it starts out with two girls who are so frustrated with EDM 310 assignments. They buy a book titled EDM 310 for Dummies and after reading it, the assignments become easier for the students. I think most people can relate to the video EDM 310 for Dummies. I know when I first start using a new program, I get frustrated, but when I learn how to use the program it is so useful and saves time.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn 

In this video, it starts off by saying education ranked 55 out of 55 below coal mining. It goes on talking about how more students are involved in text messaging, Facebook, and twitter, and it is banned from schools. These educators talk about how we should incorporate Facebook and twitter into educational settings. These educators are encouraging educators to use technology in the classroom. I agree with these educators, we as teachers need to get our students on the right level with technology in today’s society.

 Scavenger Hunt 2.0 

This is really a great and creative activity created by Justin Cometti. I did not know how many websites that exist that are similar to Facebook and Twitter. Also, I have never created a comic strip which was really fun. This activity was very educational for me.

1.A website I found similar to Facebook or Twitter is This website is created just for students and teachers so they can interact with each other. The website states “Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices. “

2.I created my own comic strip at
 Ashley Snow`s comic strip about
3.I also created a poll on

What`s your favorite sport poll.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler is a very informative short film. This video shows how networking is a great way for students to learn. In this video, Wendy Drexler`s students are encouraged to make a connection with each other to strengthen their learning process.

Student`s depend more on technology than they do books. I believe we need to teach students how to be technology literate. The video talks about all the ways students can gather information by using the internet. The video showed how students can view podcasts all over the world from different teachers.

I want to be a teacher where students enjoy learning, and I believe the best way for that to happen is to incorporate technology. I know I hate sitting through boring lectures. Teachers could make the classroom more exciting by making PowerPoint’s or letting their students watch podcasts on the lesson.

A 7th Grader's PLE

In this video a 7th grade student shows how she uses her PLE, or Personal Learning Environment. She has her page set up with all her personal and educational websites all in one place. All of the research she gathers, she makes slideshows to help others. The program, Symbaloo, seemed really helpful. Using this method in the classroom would get students more involved. I believe PLN is a great tool and teaches how to be more responsible and independent.

My personal learning network is not as good as hers, but hopefully it will get there. This is a great video to watch. It shows you more tools to use while teaching. The tools are not only great for the students, but also the educators.

C4K Posts for September

The first C4K blog I was assigned to was . The student who wrote this post is Noah from New Zealand. He blog post was titled “Noah`s Diver Story” and in his story he tells a very descriptive story of a diver swimming in the sea looking for treasure.

For my first comment I introduced myself and said the story about Ben the diver was amazing! It was so descriptive I could imagine everything as if I was there. Good job
and Keep up the good work!!

The second blog I was assigned to was The student`s name is Deven and he is from Iowa. In his blog post he talked about a fundraiser he was helping with for the American Cancer Society. Some activities the fundraiser included were a petting zoo and horse rides for the guest.

Devan a the petting zoo
My comment for this post was “I just read your blog post and I think it is amazing that you are helping raise money for the American Cancer Society. I loved the picture that is included it helped me visualize the petting zoo. This was a great post! Keep up the good work!!”

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture
Randy Pausch is an inspirational and motivational speaker. For someone with a couple of months left to live, he has a great view of life. He never wanted anyone to have sympathy on him. He just wants to share his childhood dreams and show how he achieved them even while encountering problems. He made his lecture enjoyable and humorous.

Randy Pausch talks about wanting to be in the NFL. He talks about how he was not the right size for professional football. Since he hit that brick wall he is where he is today. He uses an analogy about how his childhood football coach, Coach Graham, had no ball practices. During the first no ball practice, all of the players was wondering where the ball was. The coach asks the players how many players have the ball at a time and they replied one. He says well we are going to practice on what the other 21 guys are doing. Randy Pausch says the point of the practice is to work on fundamentals, because that is more important than the fancy stuff.

In the video, he calls the problems he encounters “brick walls.” When he comes to his brick walls, he just finds a way to overcome and accomplish what he has strived to do. He talks about how “Brick walls are not there to keep us out, they are there to show us how badly we want something. They are there to stop the people who do not want it bad enough.”

I am so glad I had the opportunity to watch such a great lecture. He is truly an inspiration and this is something that would be great for students to watch. They would be able to see how Randy Pausch accomplished his dreams. This would have been a great lecture to have attended.

Time Toast Timeline

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post #5

The iSchool Initiative

iSchool initiative team
Travis Allen made some great points about The iSchool initiative and how schools should use the iPod touch to assist in teaching. One was all of the educational apps that teachers can use. I never realized how many educational apps there were until this video. Travis Allen also talks about all the money and trees that students can save with this program by going green.  He says that students could save up to $450, because on average, parents spend around $600 and with this program they would spend around $150.

I think this initiative is a great idea for teachers and students. The seventeen year old has made a difference by traveling the country and embracing mobile learning. With this program, I think students would look forward to getting on their iPod touch for school. It was a great point he made when he said the internet would block non-educational sites so students would not be able to browse all over the web. This video was a really good way of describing the pros of using the iSchool format when teaching.

Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir

This video is absolutely amazing. These people are from all over the world and have never met before, but they have made a wonderful work of art. Eric Whitacre is a genius. I cannot even imagine how long this took him to put together. This video gives you a look at what else you can do with technology. Who would have thought you could have so many people on one video from all over the world?

Teaching in the 21st Century by Kevin Roberts

This video is very educational and something I believe all educators should watch. The video says that teachers are not the source of knowledge anymore, the internet is. It says that the teachers are the filter. I agree that teachers should show students ways to use the internet as a reliable source for information.  It also wants the educators to inform the students about the non-reliable websites. This was a great video.

Flipping the Classroom

I think flipping your classroom is a good idea for all teachers. I agree with Dr. McCammon in the video Dr. Lodge McCammon's FIZZ -Flipping the Classroom that there is too much lecture in the classroom and students are not engaging. The teachers post there videos on-line for students to watch before class to have some knowledge about what the will go over in class. Students can work ahead or review material they do not understand. This is a brilliant idea for teachers and students.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

C4T #1

An analogy about my bike computer, a GPS tracking app on my phone, assessment, school, and learning.

For The past two weeks I have read Russ Goerend`s blog posts`. In his first blog he talked about an analogy about his bike computer, a GPS tracking app on his phone, assessment, school, and learning. It was a very interesting post. He talked about how he can sync his bike computer to his computer and see the statistics of his bike ride. The comment I left Mr. Goerend was this blog post was very interesting to me. I did not know you could put a device on your bike and then sync it to your computer. It was cool to see you use an analogy about your bike and make it educational. That is a great idea to try to incorporate students’ hobbies into school projects.
Expanded tweets: Storytelling in all genres

In the next post Russ Goerend talks about storytelling in all genres. His post talks about how you have to story tell and are more descriptive in your writings. In his post he talks about how he gave his students` a topic What is the best fruit? Explain your choice using the chart. He explains how students think the reader knows what they are talking about and how they go strait to the point. He explains how everyone does not know what "because" means. He talks about asking yourself the 5 W`s while you are writing which are Who is the narrator? What are they doing? When is this taking place? Where are they? Why am I being told this? He talked about how you write the story is what makes it powerful, worth reading, and worth writing. I posted that I thought this was a very interesting post because I have a problem with just going straight to the point and not being descriptive. I agree you have to story tell in every genre.

Blog Post #4

Langwitches- Podcasting with 1st Grade 

In Ms. Tolisano`s class her students create podcasts for the books they read. This was a great post to read because these first graders are learning at an early age how to use a computer for more than just games. These students make their own audiobooks and give a hardcopy to their peers so they can read along with the tape. This is a great idea for teachers.

children watching a podcast
This is a good activity for students because it has emphasis on different areas such as hearing, seeing, comprehension, and technology. The students also enjoyed the activity because they were excited to record their voices and hear themselves.

The Benefits of Podcasting by Joe Dale

Podcasting is a way for teachers to interact with students outside of the classroom. This also allows parents to see what their children are doing in school. Since we are in the millennial period, podcasting is a good way for students to put technology to better use. Podcasting allows creativity and innovation. Students enjoy podcasting and like teaching others. This would also allow students who miss class to watch the podcast to see what they missed that day. The video by Joe Dale was very informative and taught me a lot about the benefits of podcasting. This is an awesome tool for teachers to use.

Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting by Langwitches

In this blog second graders record a story and make a podcast. This post is a lesson about the students learning and comprehending Hebrew. The students had to record what they learned about the story of Purim in Hebrew. The students worked together in creating the podcast. This would be something that I will use when teaching my students.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Blog Post #3

Peer Editing

In the video What is Peer Editing? and the slideshow Peer Edit with Perfection Tutorial it gives you the definition of peer editing and instructions on how to correctly edit your peers’ assignments. The video teaches viewers the 3 important steps to take while editing a paper and they are giving compliments, making suggestions, and making corrections. The video emphasizes on staying positive.

The video Writing Peer Review Top Ten Mistakes is a great video for all ages, because I believe anyone can relate to the different labels of peer editing. The videos and slide were all helpful in their own ways. The videos definitely taught me how to peer edit better. Peer editing can be tough, but after watching the videos and viewing the slide I believe I will do a better job.

Technology in Special Education 

A. In this video it teaches how difficult life could be without technology, and how technology benefits students with disabilities. It was interesting to see the differences of how hard school was for the students without technology compared to how simple it was with technology. This was a very inspiring video to watch, because not all teachers would have taken the time to teach their students how to use a laptop. It is amazing to see what Lacey Cook is doing with technology in her classroom. It is also great to see how the students are impacted, because they are more interested and want to learn.

Technology has changed a lot of teachers teaching strategies to make lectures more interesting. I think this is a great idea to incorporate into school systems. This was a great video and I would use technology in a special education classroom to make learning fun for students with disabilities and incorporate them with other students.

How the iPad works with Academics for Autism
B.In this video, Braden, a young child with autism learns how to count, read, and write with the help of Apple Apps. The apps in this video were great learning tools for children, especially children with autism. I never realized how many apps there are for people to use for their children to teach them in almost any subject. These apps would be great for students from ages 4-6.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students` Digital Smarts
Watching how Vicki Davis teaches her classroom makes me wish I had a teacher that emphasized technology in the classroom at a young age. She has a great teaching strategy. She wants her students` to be self-taught, and she talks about how her students teach her things and that’s what she wants. This was an amazing video to watch and see how teachers are incorporating technology in the classroom and students can interact with students all over the globe. Technology needs to be taught to students` to broaden their knowledge.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blog Post #1

About Me

Hi my name is Ashley Snow and I am a Junior at the University of South Alabama. I am from the small town of Mc Intosh AL. I was born in Tahlequah OK, where my mother is originally from. I have three siblings, two younger brothers, Ajay and Christian, and an older sister, Daisy . My parents are Connie and Rhonda Snow. Before attending the University of South Alabama I went to Faulkner State Community College and I received an associate’s degree in Physical Education. I was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the volleyball team.

I have wanted to be a physical education teacher since I was little. In high school I was always a teacher’s aide for my dad. My dad is the reason why I want to go into Physical Education. He has been teaching for 20 years, and has been an inspiration to me. I just love the environment of being able to teach children ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

Randy Pausch on Time Management

After watching this video I realized my time management skills are horrible. Time management can be difficult. In this video Randy Pausch talks about how the society is more focused on money than time. He says if you plan out your day that will help with time management.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blog Post #2

1. Did you know? 3.0

This video was a great video to watch because it was educational. It`s crazy that India is so big and that their 25% of people with high IQ`s out numbers the whole United States population. Another eye-opener is that in 2025 China will have the most English-speaking people. Another ironic point that was made was how many people use Google and YouTube a minute.

In the future I know I will be like other adults and have to ask people how you use the new computer. In today`s society children know how to use technology better than adults. I think the United States should put more emphasis on education and less on TV programs that have no benefit in their future.

2. Mr. Winkle Wakes

This video ,Mr. Winkle Wakes by Mathew Needleman, is very interesting. I could not imagine waking up 100 years from now. Technology changes every day and this video teaches us as educators that we should keep our students up to date with technology. This video explains how technology has changed, but the teaching of education is still the same. In the video it shows how Mr. Winkle went to the school and the computer has dust on it which meant the students were not even using it. Schools are supposed to teach students how to use computers and get them ready for the future, but after thinking about it they are not.

In the video Mr. Winkle Wakes talks about how the hospital had so many machines keeping people alive. This technology advancement has helped so many people who are sick and who cannot breathe, for example my dad had to be put on a ventilator and if he was a born a hundred years ago they did not have the technology for a machine to breathe for him. Technology is great and I am so thankful for it. Being in college you do not have the chance to go home all the time so now you can go on the computer or phone and facetime or Skype family members.

3. Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity by TEDS

Mr. Robinson Talks about how important education is to people. I also agree with him when he explains how teachers are supposed to be educating their student on how to use technology and within five years it will change. I also believe creativity is as important in education as literacy. Sir Ken Robinson says people have been educated to be good workers and not to be creative thinkers. I agree with this because the society is too focused on education and not with what unique ideas people have.

 Education has come a long ways from a few years ago. I can remember people being able to get a job with a GED and now people are required, in most fields, to have at least an associate’s degree. Education is stressed in most fields, but education should not be stressed on as much because some students cannot handle college and want to go straight to work after high school. This was a very interesting and humorous video.

4. A Vision for 21st Century Learning by TEDS

Today`s generation is a lot different than many before due to technology. In the past, children were accustomed to playing outside all the time unlike today's children that stay inside and play video games. It would be a great invention for something that makes children more active. We are getting there slowly. In the videos with the technology they had it seem like learning is so much fun because they are able to be a part of doing something other than sitting down and having to just listen to the teacher talk.

5. Glass, schools, and the future

Watching all these videos has taught me a lot and also more ways on how I want to teach. Like in the video with Mr. Winkle waking up 100 years later would be like living on another planet, because nothing would be the same as you remembered it. Technology would be at a place that I cannot even imagine in this day and age.

In the video about the glass tablets seemed unreal. In that video they said they had all the tools to make them know which was also ironic to know what people can do with technology. How they used these in the classroom would be a great addition to schools.