Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blog Post #9

Mr. McClung`s World
What I Learned this Year Volume 4 

The first post I read was What I learned This Year 2012-2011. Mr. McClung is in his fourth year teaching social studies and Arkansas history in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In this post, Mr. McClung talks about two things he would change the next school year.

Mr.McClung starts worrying about what his peers think of him and says he is committing the junior high sin. He got caught up worrying about what his coworkers thought of him, but came back to reality and remembered he is not there for them but for his students. He concludes this topic by saying as long as his students enjoy and are learning what he is teaching, he is doing his job.

The second thing Mr. McClung wants to change in the upcoming years is to challenge himself more. At this time he has been at the same school teaching the same subjects for three years. He talks about how he gets lazy and gets in the same routine with his lessons. This method probably bored his students. Luckily, at the end of the year he gets offered to teach a new subject for the next school year. He says this opportunity could not have come at a better time, because this will be a good challenge for him.

I think it is easy for a teacher to become lazy, but like Mr. McClung says, you have to challenge yourself as an educator. I liked how he talks about worrying about what his coworkers think, because a lot of teachers fall under the junior high sin. I really enjoyed reading this post.

What I`ve Learned This Year 2008-2009

An important decision Mr. McClung made for the school year. The second post I read was What I've Learned This Year 2008-2009. This was Mr. McClung`s first year teaching. This blog post has a lot of different things Mr. McClung has learned in this year of teaching. Some of the topics were how to react in a crowd, be flexible, communicate, be reasonable, not to be afraid of technology, listen to your students, and never stop learning.

I really enjoyed reading this post, because all these topics will be helpful when I begin to teach. A topic that I found really important is for educators to never stop learning. He talks about how teachers do everything to get their students to learn, but the educator refuses to do so as well. Another topic I really liked was that educators need to be reasonable and not to set the bar too high for students.


  1. Yes, never stop learning because "Learning Never Ends."

    Interesting, thoughtful!

  2. Hello Ashley, Your blog assignment was great. I did not find to many errors, so good job. I agree that its easy for teacher to become lazy with the same material. If teachers does not challenge themselves, they will have that same downfall. I also agree that educators will never stop learning. Keep up the good work.

  3. Ashley,
    There were many things that I liked about your post. I really liked the lessons you took from the second post you read, that as an educator you must never stop learning and that you must never set the bar too high for your students. As future educators, I feel that we need to remember both of those things, because they are really important. Keep up the good work!