Sunday, October 21, 2012

C4T #2

How we plan a project: the road map

I was assigned to Russ Goerend`s blog, The blog post I commented on was titled "How we plan a project:the road map." In this post Russ talks about the road map to writing a short story, and all the steps you should take when using this method. I commented "I agree with the statement you made “Building in the tasks beforehand gives us a chance to make sure they’re worthwhile and deciding when to stop and assess our progress makes it easier for students to see their own progress and become a part of the assessment cycle.” This is a great method to use while teaching students how to write a short story. Your road map to writing is extraordinary."
student`s artwork of what appears to be Justin Beiber
Art Viewer

The second blog I was assigned to was Shawn Cornally`s blog,, art viewer. This post showed art work sketched by Mr. Burrow`s students. The art work is phenomenal. My comment to this post said " Your blog is truly amazing. I cannot stop scrolling back up to view all the portraits over again. Your students have an amazing talent. I agree with Cassie this is like an art museum on line. Thanks for posting for everyone to see your students extraordinary talent."

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