Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Post #4

Langwitches- Podcasting with 1st Grade 

In Ms. Tolisano`s class her students create podcasts for the books they read. This was a great post to read because these first graders are learning at an early age how to use a computer for more than just games. These students make their own audiobooks and give a hardcopy to their peers so they can read along with the tape. This is a great idea for teachers.

children watching a podcast
This is a good activity for students because it has emphasis on different areas such as hearing, seeing, comprehension, and technology. The students also enjoyed the activity because they were excited to record their voices and hear themselves.

The Benefits of Podcasting by Joe Dale

Podcasting is a way for teachers to interact with students outside of the classroom. This also allows parents to see what their children are doing in school. Since we are in the millennial period, podcasting is a good way for students to put technology to better use. Podcasting allows creativity and innovation. Students enjoy podcasting and like teaching others. This would also allow students who miss class to watch the podcast to see what they missed that day. The video by Joe Dale was very informative and taught me a lot about the benefits of podcasting. This is an awesome tool for teachers to use.

Listening-Comprehension-Podcasting by Langwitches

In this blog second graders record a story and make a podcast. This post is a lesson about the students learning and comprehending Hebrew. The students had to record what they learned about the story of Purim in Hebrew. The students worked together in creating the podcast. This would be something that I will use when teaching my students.


  1. Hello Ashley, your blog was very well put together. You had some very interesting points as well, for example, when you said that podcasting allow a student to be creative and innovative. However, I did see a mistake, but overall your grammar and sentence structure was correct.

    There need to be a space and ending punctuation mark after podcasting and This is an awesome tool for teachers to use. I would also be careful with sentence fragments.

  2. Ashley,

    Good post, overall. I think you have the ALT and TITLE modifiers confused. You need to put the description of the image in the ALT area and the url (or link) source for the image in the TITLE area.