Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

A world where grades will be left behind
Sebastian Thrun

In this article USA TODAY celebrates its 30th anniversary. They interviewed some of the USA's greatest visionaries to talk about the world of tomorrow. This article talks about how education will be free and available to everyone. The article states that these online classes would be taught by star professors from around the world. The article states that schools such as New Charter University and UniversityNow aim to make an online college education as affordable as a cellphone bill. It also talks about how a lesson could look something like angry birds. "You want learning to be as much fun as it is to play a video game," says Sebastian Thrun.

I think this is an article that makes you think. I know I rather take online classes, because you get to work at your own pace as long as you meet the deadline. I think this web based school would be better for only college students. I think younger students should be able to go to school and interact face to face with others. Being from the south we are trying to battle with obesity and this would not benefit our younger students.This would be hard for every school in the United States to do, because technology is expensive. Some school systems are also old fashioned and would not agree to a technology based system.

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