Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K`s For November

They Cage the Animals at Night

book cover of For C4K #8 I was assigned to John Paul who is in the 8th grade in Iowa. His blog post is titled " They cage the animals at night." In the post John Paul is summarizing the story. He says "This book is about an eight year old child. He has four brothers. Two of them are older one is young and the last on is about 11 years old. Their mother is sick so “Jennings” learns how to survive in foster homes and orphaniges. He gets beat, loses friends, and loses family."

My comment to John Paul`s post was " You did a great job describing the story you read. I want to read this book now. Good Job and keep up the good work!!"

Cyber Safety

For C4K #9 I was assigned to to Rachel who is making a blog for her history class. Her post was titled " Cyber Safety." In her post she talks about plagiarism, copyright, and the importance of not giving out all of your personal information online.  

Cyber Safety Sign
My comment to Rachel`s post was "I really enjoyed reading your post about Cyber Safety. I believe every student should know the definition of plagiarism. This is a very informative post.  I agree the Internet provides a lot of information for people worldwide. I know my teachers always told their students do not upload or post anything to the web if you do not want people to see it, because whatever you post will always be there for people to see. Great job and keep up the good work!"

Rosa Parks
Photo of Rosa Parks
For C4K #10 I was assigned to Daphne Elementary students who made a video about Rosa Parks. The video was about the students taking a field trip to Montgomery and visiting the capital building and seeing the history of Rosa Parks.

My comment to the students was "The video about Rosa Parks is amazing. I felt like I was on the tour with you guys. After watching the video it reminded me of when I was in the 4th grade and I went on a field trip to Montgomery and visited some of the same places. Great job!!"

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