Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler is a very informative short film. This video shows how networking is a great way for students to learn. In this video, Wendy Drexler`s students are encouraged to make a connection with each other to strengthen their learning process.

Student`s depend more on technology than they do books. I believe we need to teach students how to be technology literate. The video talks about all the ways students can gather information by using the internet. The video showed how students can view podcasts all over the world from different teachers.

I want to be a teacher where students enjoy learning, and I believe the best way for that to happen is to incorporate technology. I know I hate sitting through boring lectures. Teachers could make the classroom more exciting by making PowerPoint’s or letting their students watch podcasts on the lesson.

A 7th Grader's PLE

In this video a 7th grade student shows how she uses her PLE, or Personal Learning Environment. She has her page set up with all her personal and educational websites all in one place. All of the research she gathers, she makes slideshows to help others. The program, Symbaloo, seemed really helpful. Using this method in the classroom would get students more involved. I believe PLN is a great tool and teaches how to be more responsible and independent.

My personal learning network is not as good as hers, but hopefully it will get there. This is a great video to watch. It shows you more tools to use while teaching. The tools are not only great for the students, but also the educators.

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  1. Why PowerPoints? The software costs money. Much needed money. Why not Google presentations instead? They are free? Or make blogs,podcasts (you mention them), movies, book trailers, Skype interviews, iBooks and the other things you will learn about in the second half such as geocaching and electronic scavenger hunts?

    PLNs are always "works in progress."