Sunday, October 14, 2012

C4K Posts for September

The first C4K blog I was assigned to was . The student who wrote this post is Noah from New Zealand. He blog post was titled “Noah`s Diver Story” and in his story he tells a very descriptive story of a diver swimming in the sea looking for treasure.

For my first comment I introduced myself and said the story about Ben the diver was amazing! It was so descriptive I could imagine everything as if I was there. Good job
and Keep up the good work!!

The second blog I was assigned to was The student`s name is Deven and he is from Iowa. In his blog post he talked about a fundraiser he was helping with for the American Cancer Society. Some activities the fundraiser included were a petting zoo and horse rides for the guest.

Devan a the petting zoo
My comment for this post was “I just read your blog post and I think it is amazing that you are helping raise money for the American Cancer Society. I loved the picture that is included it helped me visualize the petting zoo. This was a great post! Keep up the good work!!”

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